The Different Kinds of Backgammon Games

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games around. In fact, it has been around for a number of centuries. As a result, several variations of the game have been developed over the years. There are even games that have been developed that are quite similar to the traditional backgammon, but are not really backgammon games. There are games that use boards similar to the backgammon board.

But what are the different kinds of backgammon games? What sets one variation apart from another variation? What differentiates these variations from the traditional game?

Basically, there are games that offer higher chances of winning and there are games where luck plays a more significant role. There are variations that are more fast-paced than the others. All these different kinds of backgammon games, however, offer the same excitement that the traditional game has always offered.

There are various kinds of backgammon games. The first of which is the Acey-Deucy. This is one of the most played versions. The game starts with all players having their pieces on the board all at the same time. Similar to the traditional game, the players will then move the pieces around the board the way they want to. The rules are also similar to the traditional game. What differentiates this game from the others is that it allows the players to move their board pieces anywhere and anytime they want.

Another popular backgammon version is the one point matches. Again, this game is quite similar to the traditional version. The differences, however, lie on the fact that this game does not use the traditional game cube and there are no gammons used in its gameplay. You need to approach this game more strategically if you want to win. Aside from these two games, there are still other kinds of backgammon games like the hyper backgammon, tapa backgammon, narde and feuga.

You would also find "diceless" versions of backgammon. However, this backgammon version is played only in some countries. When playing this game, the players would have to move their board game pieces in a counterclockwise direction. This is one of the things that differs this game from the other versions. Also, the players' starting positions are different with this game.

These are just some of the many kinds of backgammon games that you will find online. In truth, almost all countries have their own special version of backgammon; so naturally, you would also find all these variants online. The advantage of having all these versions is that you will benefit from it. It's hard to get bored with a game when there's always something new to learn and enjoy.