Read, Play and Win: An Overview of Instructional Books on Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the most challenging and difficult table games in casinos. In this game, learning its game play is not enough. It is essential that gamblers understand how to employ strategies and tactics appropriately. Like chess and checkers, backgammon have opening, middle and end games. Hence, valuing each of these phases of the game is also essential to win.

To guide players who are new to backgammon, experts in the game write and publish reading materials that discuss the rules, elements and strategies of the game. Walter Trice's "Backgammon Boot Camp," Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich's "New Ideas in Backgammon" and Bill Robertie's "Modern Backgammon" are some of the best instructional books that players can read to broaden their knowledge on backgammon.

Walter Trice's "Backgammon Boot Camp"

This reading material is one of the backgammon books that provide complete information on the game. The author starts with uncovering the basic aspects of the board game such as primes, blitz, anchors and opening roll. In the succeeding chapters of the book, the author shares his understanding on some advance backgammon topics like game plan, diversification and duplication. In addition, the book offers knowledge on adjusted pip counts methods, end contact positions, and one checker close outs.

Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich's "New Ideas in Backgammon"

The authors start with the discussion of the importance of establishing anchors in the game. Other topics that the authors cover are blitz and primes. The authors also teach readers how to assess positions in the board. Among all, the book provides tips on best ways to occupy advantageous points.

Bill Robertie's "Modern Backgammon"

The book focuses on modern theories about this challenging game. The author focuses on online games of backgammon. The reading material encourages players to consider playing computer versions of backgammon to broaden their understanding on the game. The author also argues that computer versions of backgammon allow players to master their skills and practice basic and advance backgammon strategies.

Backgammon books are important to raise awareness among gamblers that they can succeed in the game if they will allot time to uncover its secrets. By exploring the content of these books, players can learn various aspects of the game like cubing, priming and anchoring. In addition, players can know which opening, middle, and end moves are appropriate in the game. Above all, backgammon books encourage players to continue learning basic and advance strategies to beat other backgammon players.